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Microbiota Test

Unlocking the Secrets of Your Gut: CLP DNA Microbiota Test

Your gut microbiome is a dynamic ecosystem that can greatly influence your overall health and well-being. Recent scientific breakthroughs have shed light on the pivotal role our gut bacteria. With this in mind, we are pleased to introduce the DNA Microbiota Test into the range of Clinique La Prairie’s advanced screenings.

Glucose Monitoring


Clinique La Prairie has integrated the continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device into the Healthy Weight programme. A CGM tracks the blood sugar levels in real-time, and spots hyperglycaemia (blood sugar above standard range) and hypoglycaemia (blood sugar below standard range).


Music & Emotions - Montreux Jazz Festival 2023

Clinique La Prairie’s guests had the opportunity to add an evening at the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival to their health week in Montreux. Clinique La Prairie was also proud to partner again this season with the Longevity Lounge in the backstage, designed for the incredibly talented artists performing at the vibrant festival


A groundbreaking sound therapy that acts on your longevity

Clinique La Prairie is proud to be the first partner to provide AudioVitality®’s innovative technology in sound therapy. This technology brings a paradigm shift in supporting well-aging, improving performance and in a range of preventative and curative approaches, including tinnitus.

Longevity Hub Bangkok Workshops

Longevity Hub Bangkok Workshops

Longevity Hub by Clinique La Prairie in Bangkok is delighted to present you its wellness workshops

Mandarin oriental London Building

Clinique La Prairie Holistic Health x Mandarin Oriental London

We are glad to announce that we are partnering with Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park to offer unique Regeneration experiences designed with Holistic Health nutraceuticals to create a shift in the balance of an individual’s wellbeing. This is the first time we created signature experiences outside of our clinic and international hubs, and the first time our treatments will be available in the UK.

Amaala Health Resort

Announcing Clinique La Prairie Health Resort Amaala

Clinique La Prairie Amaala will be located on Saudi Arabia’s north-western coastline, and will be an exclusive resort of 36,115 sqm, housing 52 rooms and suites, and 13 villas. Extraordinary settings and exceptional architecture await in 2024.

Longevity Science Report II-Cover

Longevity Science Report II

"We are proud to respond to our role of pioneers in rejuvenation and longevity science. The challenge of Clinique La Prairie and its Scientific Committee is to bring the latest technology and research together with our already existing scientific background and holistic approach of longevity and rejuvenation. We can count on a great ambition to continue pioneering in the understanding and in the search for solutions in longevity." – Dr. Heini, Medical Director of Clinique la Prairie

We are pleased to share the second issue of our Longevity Science Report series in which our scientific committee and experts share articles.