Introducing our new Healthy Weight program

 Healthy Weight
 Healthy Weight

Two weeks to aim for an optimal weight in a healthy, progressive and balanced way, under strict medical and nutritional supervision, taking into account body, metabolism and mind.

To rediscover vitality and the pleasure of living at an optimal weight, we have developed an approach that focuses on your genetic profile, restoring your physical and mental fitness, and stabilizing your metabolism, with lasting results adapted to your personal profile.

We tackle your overweight on multiple dimensions

Being overweight is often due to a problem of multifactorial origin. All the involved physiological, biological, genetic and psychological factors must be addressed. Our experts adjust the program to your personal profile. As a result, even more marked effects at the end of the stay and a pleasure to eat that remains intact, without the feeling of deprivation.

The multidisciplinary approach makes it possible to treat the underlying and sometimes indirect causes of overweight. For example, it is not uncommon to find subacute systemic inflammation, disruption of the microbiota or desynchronization of the biological clock, with irregular and/or insufficient sleep.

Sometimes it will be a question of combating oxidative stress by treating excess cortisol.

Specific therapies or a targeted intake of certain micronutrients may prove necessary and will be advised by Clinique La Prairie's specialist doctors.


Screening for specific causes, micro-inflammations and hormonal imbalances

 Healthy Weight

Because not everyone is the same when it comes to weight gain, the Healthy Weight program offers an individualized approach that also includes a DNA test. There are indeed particular sensitivities; typically, the basal metabolic rate which can vary greatly from person to person. These factors shall be handled with targeted treatments and guidance.

Emphasis is placed on screening for possible micro-inflammations and hormonal imbalances that play a role in the genesis of overweight.

•  An exclusive genetic test to investigate your metabolic absorption capacities as well as risk factors related to weight: risk of obesity, appetite control, risk of hypertension, risk of inflammation, risk related to sports injuries.

•  A complete medical check-up.

•  A series of examinations and specialized medical consultations to detect any health problems affecting the physiological regulation of weight: disruption of circadian rhythms, apnea and sleep disorders, presence of inflammation, heart problems, etc.

•  Targeted blood analyses

•  An evaluation of the basal metabolic rate to adapt your food plan to your real energy needs, from the start of the stay.

•  Body composition analysis.

Mind-emotional dimension

Stress and aging lead to inflammation, energy imbalance, oxidative damage caused by free radicals and neural degeneration. This is why it is essential to promote the ability to cope with physical and emotional stress, to strengthen the metabolism and to affect longevity mechanisms in many ways by taking advantage of the body’s main adaptation systems (nervous, endocrine and immune).

Psychological aspects, such as self-confidence and feeling good about yourself, are naturally integrated into the program, through daily support by our teams of specialists and sessions of relaxation and breathing techniques.

Analysis of the quality of sleep, psychological therapies, breathing coaching to boost metabolism, energy-boosting treatments are part of the program.

Nutrition dimension

Your coaching and dietary plan are tailored to your medical results for optimization of beneficial effects on inflammatory states, cardio-metabolic functions, stress, sleep and the health of your intestines.

Our nutritional approach teaches you how to establish long-term habits and, during your stay, is focused on:

  • An anti-inflammatory diet
  • Intermittent fasting to actively boost your metabolism
  • Precisely calculated calorie restriction, to promote fat oxidation while preventing the loss of muscle mass
  • Private nutrition workshops as well as daily nutritional coaching to support you, guide you and advise you in your choices also in the long term
  • A cure of probiotics
  • Exclusive CLP herbal teas made to promote weight loss and body drainage, with unique recipes that draw on the long Swiss tradition in herbalism.

Beauty and wellbeing dimension

healthy weight

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of feeling good about yourself in order to maintain or regain a healthy weight. The Healthy Weight program focuses also on well-being and remodeling treatments. In addition to the classic methods and technologies for improving tone, skin quality and cellulite reduction, the following treatments are great complements: coolsculpting session that uses the cryolipolysis technique to remodeling the silhouette,  infratherapy sessions using long infrared rays to detoxify the body, beautify the skin, promote relaxation, relieve joint pain, stimulate muscle recovery, strengthen the immune system and soothe the nervous system, among other things, cryotherapy sessions to help the process of slimming and cellulite reduction thanks to the beneficial effects of cold on the body, high-tech body remodeling.

Movement dimension

An individualized approach to sport that precisely determines the intensity of physical exercise and the most beneficial times of the day so that your body transforms as much fat as possible into fuel is essential. Intense effort forces the body to draw on sugars, which are an immediately accessible source of energy; it is a question of burning fat reserves. Therefore, your physical activity plan must be personalized according to your condition and include a mix of varied indoor and outdoor sessions, with the support of new technologies to maximize weight loss while improving your health.

The activity plan to achieve maximum lipid oxygenation while developing your tonicity, mobility and physical performance includes a mix of several disciplines with varied sports sessions, hikes to enjoy the stimulating Swiss nature, long-term assessment and more.

Healthy Weight 14 days


  • Longevity and nutrition specialist consultations
  • Medical assessments and week-long follow-up by your leading physician
  • Medical check-up: laboratory analyses, chest x-ray, ECG, abdominal ultrasound
  • Two body composition analyses
  • Oxidative stress
  • Cortisol test
  • One stress test and consultation with the cardiologist
  • One calorimetry
  • DNA test and report, exclusively created for our program by GenePredictis Labs
  • One-month treatment of probiotics
  • One-month treatment of weight control mix



  • Four consultations to develop a personalized nutritional plan based on metabolism, medical results and lifestyle
  • Two private nutrition workshops
  • Guidance from a dietician at every meal to help make the right food choices
  • Daily CLP Swiss herbal infusions featuring stimulating properties to weight loss
  • Specific healthy weight menus tailored to individual needs and goals
  • Intermittent fasting



  • One sleep quality test and consultation with a sleep specialist
  • Three psychological consultations
  • Two sessions of metabolism boost and breath work
  • One Chi Nei Tsang massage



  • One anti-aging skin & aesthetic consultation
  • One session of coolsculpting (after doctor’s approval)
  • Two sessions of far-infratherapy
  • Six high-tech remodeling body treatments
  • Two pressotherapy sessions
  • One anti-cellulite peel and wrap
  • Two cellulite-control massages
  • Six sessions of cryotherapy (after doctor’s approval)



  • One movement assessment
  • Two outrace group circuit training sessions
  • One biocircuit group training session
  • Four personal training sessions
  • Two hike outdoor group sessions
  • Final movement wrap-up and recommendations


The program includes full access to the fitness and wellness centers, including swimming pool, sauna, steam room, zero-gravity floating bed, vitality pool and more.

Price (all inclusive program, diet, room) starts from  CHF 33,800 for 14 days / 13 nights

For long-term results and commitment, our specialists highly recommend that you plan a 14-day stay. A 7-day program is however available to kickstart the approach. 

Contact our Reservation team for questions and booking.

Breathing Coaching to Boost Metabolism


Using pranayama and other breathing techniques also inspired by freediving training, BREATHING COACHING has been developed by our movement pillar manager, Farah Khlouf, in collaboration with Phil Simha, a passionate freediving instructor and teacher of yoga and pranayama. It consists of a series of exercises which stimulate the organism, eliminate stale air as well as toxins, and distribute energy throughout the body.

You will learn how to activate the airplane mode of your brain, as well as experience different patterns of breathing and specialized techniques that enhance breath practices using nostrils, abdomen, and full lungs, as well as holding your breath at different parts of the cycles.

Clinique La Prairie instructors will provide private sessions to analyze your needs and your desires and offer a truly tailor-made approach that will guide you to a balance that is essential to a healthy life.

Breathing coaching is integrated into the Master Detox and Weight Management, Rebalancing programs, and is also available on request.

Evidence that breath work can ameliorate stress and the process of aging

Breathing 2

Stress and aging generate inflammation, energetic imbalance, oxidative damage by free radicals, and neural degeneration. Clinical evidence shows that breath work can promote the ability to deal with physical or emotional stress, empower metabolism, and affect longevity mechanisms in many ways by leveraging the major adaptive systems of the body (nervous, endocrine and immune).

Performing mind-body practices will intentionally slow your breathing and give positive signals to your body. Indeed, it activates what is called the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS). The PSNS starts in your brain and connects through fibers and neurons to the key organs they act on (heart, stomach, bladder, …). When stressed, the PSNS triggers the necessary responses to return to homeostasis, therefore maintaining the balance of internal physiology.

Breathing practices are known to slow your heart and breathing rates, lower blood pressure, increase oxygen delivery to the blood and cells, promote digestion and eliminate fat as well as other toxins. Science shows that they ameliorate immunity, as well as relieving stress-related mental and physical disorders including high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, …

Breathe Better to Move better

Breath work, Regeneration and Longevity


Starting with one or several sessions of breathing exercises will give immediate benefits that you’ll already experience in Montreux, and, importantly, will lay the groundwork for deeper results. You will be able to connect your mind and body at a deeper level. By continuing the practice of controlling slow and other breathing techniques, you will learn to optimize your physiological parameters and your self-regeneration systems at home. Putting you on the path to longevity, resilience, and quality of life.

Find Breathing Coaching in our programs




Clinique La Prairie is a name that has been synonymous with health and longevity ever since the clinic was founded by Dr Paul Niehans in 1931. Since then, it has been the place where rejuvenation and well-being entice life to the fullest.

Joining The Niehans Club is free and open to every guest staying at Clinique La Prairie in Montreux.  It gives access to features that have been specifically designed to reward the longevity of their health & wellness journey with us.


To mark our 90 years and the next decade, we wanted to reward the journey and loyalty of our guests through an unprecedented experience program, providing access to unique benefits.


niehans club

From medical care, nutrition to self-care and so much more, Clinique La Prairie aims at supporting every aspect of your healthy lifestyle. 

Our guests will be entitled to enjoy experiences and courtesies at each of their stays. But also, some benefits can be transferred to another person, becoming an opportunity for sharing wellness around them.

Since 1931, Clinique La Prairie has been a unique place where pathways towards longevity and wellbeing are revealed. Here the secrets of a longer and fuller life are in the hands of unfailingly caring experts, in renewed energy, in movements that replenish and in wholesome food that regenerates.

Clinique La Prairie captures Dr. Niehans’ past in life-changing programs designed to reconnect with your health.

With The Niehans Club, the Mattli family and all the Clinique La Prairie team would like to thank you for being part of this unparalleled journey, and look forward to continuing welcoming you to the majestic surroundings of Swiss landscapes.

As always, our team remains at your disposal for any questions at :

The Future of Wellness


By Monica Melotti

Read the original article in Italian here.

What does the future hold for wellness? What are the upcoming trends? According to the Global Wellness Institute, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to enhance well-being around the world, by 2022 the turnover for the global market will reach around 816 billion dollars and will exceed one trillion dollars by 2025. In order to investigate further this macro trend, Clinique La Prairie, a world-renowned clinic based in Montreux, leader for 90 years in the field of longevity, has carried out a study on the future of the health, beauty and wellness sectors. The research was based on a mixed model approach, involving both interviews with experts from different sectors, as well as a survey on a panel of big spenders. The results highlighted 8 key aspects, ranging from science to medicine, from circadian rhythms to the holistic approach, aimed at ensuring a longer and healthier life.


"As a result of the global pandemic, we pay much more attention to our health. This leads to stronger demand for ultra-customised preventive medicine, focusing both on body health and mental well-being, explains Simone Gibertoni, CEO of Clinique La Prairie. The wellness sector is expanding globally. Our research has identified 8 very precise trends. First, the epigenetics revolution. Epigenetics encompasses nature, our genetic heritage and our way of life. Ageing is a combination of time, inherited genes, environment and lifestyle, all factors which heavily impact on the expression of our genes. Managing to regulate the expression of our genes is a real challenge. AI-powered platforms will enable thousands of data to be organised, helping with the prevention of diseases resulting from genetic predisposition".

The brain must be trained

Another key point is brain training, aimed at increasing cognitive potential. Cognitive assessment tools are key for the future of neuroscience. In some situations, our brain may fail to perform properly, due to excessive agitation, fatigue, distraction, anxiety, anger, which can affect our balance. "Some processes can help us find a cerebral ‘balance’”, Gibertoni explains. “Amongst the most promising, neurofeedback is a method which, through electroencephalogram, can increase our capacity of psycho-physiological self-regulation, as an alternative to pharmacotherapy and with no side effects. The stimulation of brain plasticity is key and new solutions, such as brain mapping, neurofeedback-based exercises, nootropics and lifestyle-related, are being researched. With regard to brain plasticity, Professor Bogdman Draganski from the University of Lausanne has coordinated several studies, which also involve the prediction of senile dementia and the slowing down of its progression".

Nutrition becomes technological and ultra-customised


The third key point focuses on technological nutrition and is linked to epigenetics. It involves the analysis of how certain foods can influence the expression of our genes. In the near future, we will improve our diet by means of high-tech wearable devices able to monitor our body's nutritional needs, which will lead to the use of treatments such as nutraceuticals. "The optimal diet must be tailor-made and based on the genetic features of each individual. The benefits of a plant-based diet represent the fourth key point: these are increasingly proven, especially in relation to its anti-inflammatory properties. Similarly to supplements, they combine science and natural methods with the aim of improving our performance, rather than to overcome a deficiency. This is why, in collaboration with prestigious Swiss laboratories, we have created Holistic Health, a collection of cutting-edge longevity supplements. After five years of research, four health routines were developed, including Age-Defy, our premium product, which combines immunity, stress management, anti-inflammatory action, cell rejuvenation and longevity, i.e., the five pillars for a healthy life".

Reversed aging, the new longevity

Experts predict the possibility of exceeding 100 years of age: reversing the aging process in young people will be the upcoming challenge of medicine. The fifth key trend focuses on reversed aging. Geroprotectors already allow us to prevent the formation of senescent cells, and once they form, senolytic drugs help eliminating them. Indeed, in order to live longer, ’stretching’ the ends of chromosomes, the so-called telomeres (small portions of DNA) could be sufficient. The analysis of the length of telomeres is an accurate index of biological age compared to chronological age and represents an extraordinary step forward in medicine for the treatment of chronic diseases and the enhancement of longevity. The sixth key point involves stem cells, already used, for quite some time, for aesthetic medical treatments as well as in reparative medicine for the regeneration of tissues in injured or damaged areas of the body. In the future, they could also be used for organs, and the ambition is that of being able to create and replace vital organs such as kidneys, liver and lungs.

Circadian rhythm

The last two key points refer to the importance of the circadian rhythm and that of a holistic approach. Living and acting according to chronobiology is about to become a key health parameter. "Our circadian rhythm regulates many aspects of our health, including our digestion, hormones and the immune system, Gibertoni explains. Our internal clock also determines our optimal sleep times. Sleeping disorders are due to an alteration of the circadian rhythm, a desynchronisation between the internal sleep-wake rhythms and the normal light-dark cycle. Living in harmony with our circadian rhythm is also essential for the balance of our immune system".

Clinique La Prairie and the holistic approach


"A holistic approach is the last key trend, continues Simone Gibertoni. It involves a comprehensive approach to well-being, considering both body and mind together as a whole. Clinique La Prairie is the first clinic to base its longevity philosophy on a holistic approach in order to help people live a longer, healthier and better life. Our vision is based on 4 pillars: Medicine, Nutrition, Wellness and Movement. Thanks to over 90 years of constant innovation, research and experience in this sector, as well as 50 physicians, we lead the way in the field of the well-being and longevity of the future".

Future projects

Consistent with our desire to always be at the forefront, Clinique La Prairie is planning to extend its philosophy globally through the opening of new structures. "This development is going to take place according to three main models: Longevity hub & Medical Spa, a first structure of this type already existing at the St-Regis in Bangkok, with a second opening in Doha in 2022, Gibertoni tells us. Holistic Beauty Centres, based on an integrated approach, combining aesthetic medicine and anti-aging advice: Madrid already hosts such a centre. Finally, the Health Clinics, offering comprehensive wellness and medical treatment programs, such as in Montreux. Several openings are already planned throughout the next five years in many European cities, including Milan. Future projects also include the US, the Middle East and Asia".


Il Sole 24 Ore, March 22, 2022

Our guests' longevity experiences


A unique approach to health and wellness.

Since 1931, Clinique La Prairie is the pioneer of longevity.

From esteemed and loyal international guests to renowned artists, they trusted us and accepted to share their longevity journey at Clinique La Prairie 

Isabelle Adjani

"In thankful memory of this lovely and reviving stay"

Isabelle Adjani

“I have admired and watched Clinique la Prairie for over 30 years but until recently hadn’t been through their renowned Premium Revitalisation Programme.  It is something that everyone who can afford it should do, whether for prevention, longevity, improving what you are doing in day to day life, and I can honestly say the most comprehensive, integrative, medical wellness programme that I have done.  With MRI scans for the brain, CT scans for throat and lungs, ultrasound, Epigenetics, resting metabolic and stress tests, DNA and many, many more. It gives a complete and scientifically well researched and integrative, holistic result. I had forgotten that they have a medical center and research centre and everything is thoroughly researched and evidence based.  Unusually they have lots of Doctors who are specialist in their field and of course Swiss Medecine at its best.  Every single Doctor and practitioner was professional, thorough and an expert in their field. They don’t follow trends but still I was tested for those that are in vogue - sleep, microbiome, fitness and all markers, and everything is personalised.  I am still receiving reports, and personalised probiotics among others and have found a couple of things that I never would have if I hadn’t done the programme.  So I can’t recommend it highly enough - and the food was fantastic!”

- Sue Harmsworth, ESPA Chairman and Founder

carla bruni

"Need a place to detox your body and soul? Here is the perfect place!"

Carla Bruni


Master Detox Program by Kiera Chaplin


"Meditation is something that I have been learning at Clinique La Prairie, its like a secret power that is there to help me."

Mika, Singer and songwriter

Client from Canada, 79 years old

"After fifteen Revitalisation programmes, the only thing I can state for sure is that my health never wavers. I’m never ill, I’ve never had to have an operation and I still have the same energy. I’m still the same workaholic I’ve always been. I’ve never had to put my feet up, and not for one second have I considered retiring."

Judy O., Switzerland

"I have never in my life felt so supported and cared for. I was in your "cocoon" and the benefits I reaped lasted for weeks (and still today)."


I just went through a week of covid. Absolutely no symptoms, never temperature over 36.5, no headache, no weakness. Some throat coughing. I was taking the CLP Cellular Activators. The Clinique’s visit really did its job

One of our international guest after his 13th Revitalsation program

Mr Alfonso Brandao, Brazil

“After working in the electronics industry all my life, like my father and the rest of my family, I’m now retired and cur- rently enjoying my 3rd stay at Clinique La Prairie. I’m very satisfied with the establishment and plan to return around every 2 years.“

Discover more

Mr René Hounsinou, Bénin

“After reading about Clinique La Prairie in a magazine article, I gathered some additional information and am currently experiencing my first stay in Montreux. I believe I have a healthy lifestyle and diversified diet, along with a great interest in nature and my family."

Discover more

Mr Dong Zongze & Mrs Wu Gang, Chine

"I came to Clinique La Prairie for my first Revitalisation in 2001, with the intention of improving my health and energy. Clinique La Prairie has really lived up to my expectations over the last 18 years - my wife and I now meet our friends here every year and a half. The quality of the treatments and picturesque landscape quickly made this a go-to venue forus. This program has had great beneficial effects on my personal and professional life ! Although I’m the oldest of my brothers and sisters, I’m still the one with the quickest mind and the most energy. I can also see positive changes in my wife. After all these years, we feel healthier and full of boundless energy."

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Alex Pettyfer

I came to Clinique La Prairie not really knowing what to expect, just wanting to feel rejuvenated and balanced to go into a new year (soon to be 32) all I can say is if you have a week xou should try the detox program!!! Wow! The staff is incredible, the therapists beyond knowledgeable, and the food...

Hannah Rasek

"Set between Lake Geneva and the beautiful manicured gardens of Montreux, the Clinique truly is a one of the best I’ve ever visited. The luxurious but comfortable settings and friendly staff ensured that I felt immediately at home and relaxed. The world-class treatments and therapies left me feeling recharged; a perfect reset of the body, mind and soul. Can’t wait to go back!”


"After my masterdetox program at Clinique La Prairie, I feel so full of energy"


"Thank you Clinique La Prairie for this wonderful reset. It was much needed!"


"Best service!"

Alex Pettyfer

I came to Clinique La Prairie not really knowing what to expect, just wanting to feel rejuvenated and balanced to go into a new year (soon to be 32) all I can say is if you have a week xou should try the detox program!!! Wow! The staff is incredible, the therapists beyond knowledgeable, and the food...

Hannah Rasek

"Set between Lake Geneva and the beautiful manicured gardens of Montreux, the Clinique truly is a one of the best I’ve ever visited. The luxurious but comfortable settings and friendly staff ensured that I felt immediately at home and relaxed. The world-class treatments and therapies left me feeling recharged; a perfect reset of the body, mind and soul. Can’t wait to go back!”


"After my masterdetox program at Clinique La Prairie, I feel so full of energy"


"Thank you Clinique La Prairie for this wonderful reset. It was much needed!"


"Best service!"

About genetics testing and precision medicine


About genetics testing and precision medicine

Knowledge and understanding of the human genetics have tremendously increased over the last 30 years, notably due to the technology developments such as diverse genetic arrays and next generation sequencing. The elucidation of the human genome allowed subsequently to sequence the genome of a big number of individuals and diverse human ethnicities, to compare them among each other, to establish a haplotype map of the human genome and, to identify sequences that are related to a disease development.

The DNA sequence of any two people is 99.9 percent identical. The variations, however, may greatly affect an individual's risk to develop a disease.


Over the last few years, Gene Predictis has developed diverse genetic tests specifically for Clinique La Prairie, allowing to the Clinic to establish a highly personalized follow-up for its clients, as well as to propose them a highly personalized disease prevention. These tests are based upon proprietary algorithms and target complex diseases or complex traits that are determined at the same time by one or multiple genetic variants and the environment (e.g. food intolerances, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, nutrition, ageing...). Development of a complex disease depends on the equilibrium between the risk and the protective factors which may be genetically or environmentally determined. This postulate is the basis for actionable preventive treatments – one cannot change his or her genes, but can change lifestyle according to his/her genetics and thus act to decrease the risk of the disease development.

Genetics can help to decrease oxidative stress or to predict the risk of developing deficiency in diverse nutriments, such as vitamins.

Some examples :

Folate or vitamin B9 is only available through nutrition and plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells and in the healthy growth and function of cells (synthesis of DNA bases, synthesis of certain amino acids, etc); it is crucial in early pregnancy to reduce the risk of congenital malformations of the brain and spine.

Folic acid is the metabolic precursor of an important coenzyme, tetrahydrofolate; its biotransformation involves a specific enzyme (MTHFR). Genetic variant in this gene that forms this MTHFR enzyme is frequent in the general population. This variant is associated with low serum and red blood cell folate levels, as well as with elevated homocysteine levels (a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline). Knowledge of the existence of this variant in the genome of the person can help to decide on folate supplementation, choice of the most appropriate form of supplements (folate vs. folic acid), allow to establish a personalized surveillance of homocysteine levels to prevent development of certain diseases.

Finally, numerous studies have shown that knowledge of our own genetics and the eventual associated risks stimulates to adopt appropriate healthy lifestyle that significantly contributes to an individual wellbeing and longevity.

Genetics tests are included in the programs Revitalisation, Revitalisation Premium, Master Detox and Weight Loss System.

  • Revitalisation’s Better Aging DNA testing: a comprehensive overview of inherited risk factors that enable the tailoring of therapies, as well as nutritional and lifestyle advice based on the genetically predisposed factors.
  • Master Detox and Weight Loss System’s Nutri-DNA testing: genetic and nutritional analysis allowing to tailor dietary habits. For detox, it tells the body’s capacity for specific nutrients absorption and elimination, allowing to target bespoke cleansing pathways.

Blog & News

Clinique La Prairie - Blog
Clinique La Prairie - Blog

Discover the latest news from our longevity experts

Learn more on how to stay healthy, live longer and enjoy life to its fullest thanks to the highlights topics in health and wellness optimisation, immunity, detox, nutrition as well as healthy recipes designed by our Chef.



Fisetin: unlocking the senolytic potential

Fisetin: unlocking the senolytic potential

In the cutting-edge research that could help us all live better for longer, cellular senescence is a topic of growing interest. Senescent cells are cells that, under stress conditions, engage in a process to prevent the replication of damaged DNA. As a result, they stop dividing, then accumulate, releasing compounds in the body that accelerate aging.

Some natural compounds can be helpful and powerful in fighting this cellular decline.

turmeric and turmeric supplement

Everything you should know about turmeric and turmeric supplements

The power of spices in protecting and supporting health was since old times a mysterious characteristic we wanted to unveil and understand. Spices are unique antioxidants packed with actives, and phytonutrients, and their anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties help keep the immune system robust.

Mental Wellness - How to keep inner balance

Mental Wellness - How to keep inner balance

Wellbeing springs from a multitude of elements using all five senses to build physical, psychological and emotional balance. Certain Eastern cultures place it at the centre of holistic practices elevated to the rank of therapeutic acts and even arts of living, such as Ayurveda.

As Clinique La Prairie’s experts note, it’s important to understand and to know that everybody passes through different stages faced with challenges and a life constantly being tested by the frantic pace of our world. When reacting with emotional flows to certain situations, the brain starts to use the mechanisms of “self-defense” to balance this overflow.

A look into the future of health and wellness

A look into the future of health and wellness

The pandemic has made us well and truly prioritise health. A Clinique La Prairie research has shown that 79%* of people feel that their own health has been affected in some way by Covid-19. There is a demand for more meaningful all-encompassing preventive tools, placing the link between the body’s health’ and the mind’s wellbeing into sharp relief.

The health benefits of Chlorella

The health benefits of Chlorella

Chlorella is an emerald-green microalgae with high therapeutic potential in human health from cholesterol lowering properties, detoxifying action, antioxidant activity and immune supporting effects, and when you think you have learned everything you could about chlorella, here are some unbelievable insights about this nutrient-dense ingredient and its mechanism of action at cellular level.

Astragalus, rejuvenation and immunity

Astragalus, rejuvenation and immunity

Research empowers us with incredible knowledge about the potential of plants in providing health support and acting on the prevention of age-related damage. By fine-tuning the therapeutic dosage in a well-established routine, plant extracts could be the ultimate tool in shifting the whole body in favor of healing and rejuvenation.

Holistic Health products

The effects of Holistic Health products on longevity

Holistic Health products are about thoroughly science-backed solutions. A lifescience study about the CLP Holistic Complex (that is at the core of each Holistic Health supplement) shows that it has beneficial effects by decreasing the rate of telomere shortening and preserving telomere length under normal conditions, thus contributing to longevity.

How to boost your immune system?

How to boost your immune system?

Nutrition plays an important preventative role in maintaining health. Consuming a variety of food, you gain from thousands of phytochemicals acting together to help provide you protection against inflammation, oxidative stress, poor gut microbiome and low immune system.



The transcendental meditation technique allows your mind to settle inward until you experience a deep level of your own awareness. Its regular practice helps have less constant anxiety, provides a state of calmness, and brings your mind to a clearer and more creative place. It is scientifically known to bring the body into a state of rest that is far deeper than even the deepest sleep. 

What exactly is transcendental meditation?


Transcendental meditation is an effortless technique that is scientifically known to bring the body into a state of rest that is far deeper than even the deepest sleep. This allows the body to eliminate stresses and toxins that the rest of the night cannot get rid of.

Transcendental meditation is a natural mental technique. It uses the very nature of the mind to go to greater wellness and happiness.

Do usually people have difficulty to concentrate or to empty their mind?

That is the big difference between transcendental meditation and the other meditation; it is very easy because it is the opposite of concentration; you don’t need to have special capacity, anyone can do it. We do not try to empty the mind because that is impossible for a stressed person.

So, we have thoughts in transcendental meditation and we don't fight with them. It is so easy and that is why millions of people, some of the most creative minds of our time, get immense benefit from it every day.

This practice is a simple and effective tool for increasing inner energy and relieving stress.

How could a simple technique lead to health benefits connecting body and mind?

transcendental meditation

Because mind and body are working together and in transcendental meditation the mind is naturally calming down, correspondingly the body receives a very deep state of rest much deeper than that of the sleep and thus makes it possible to get rid of the stress and the toxins that the night rest cannot eliminate.

Regular meditation helps you have less constant anxiety, it provides a state of calmness and brings your mind to be clearer and more creative.

Transcendental meditation has been the subject of more than 700 scientific studies (much of which has been published in renowned scientific journals) which have shown its positive effects on the body, mind and behavior.

According to recent Harvard Business School reports, the benefits of meditation go far beyond stress reduction. Practicing the art of TM can lower blood pressure, improve blood sugar and insulin levels. 

How does it happen in the body?

To answer we need to understand the scientific source of stress.

Dr Hans Selyé was one of the pioneers to define psychological stress in the 70’s: it is an abnormal response of the body to a too powerful experience be it sensory (loud noise or intense flash of light) physical, emotional, challenging situations in life etc. The body will then react in producing physical and chemical distortions. These are what Dr Selye called physiological stresses and they are stored allover in our body and prevent the normal functioning of many bodily systems. The rest of the night cannot eliminate these deep-rooted stresses we need a more powerful tool for that and transcendental meditation is a very efficient one.

In other words, meditation can help develop a response to the sources of stress we can’t avoid in our lives?


Indeed, we can't avoid stressful situation, but we can develop mind-body protective ways of responding to them. This is called the "relaxation response” (Dr. Benson, Harvard, 1970’s). It's a state of profound rest that, with regular practice, develops into a sort of personal shield: a source of calmness creating within you that helps you counter the body’s stress response when you need it.

This is a well-studied physiological change that can help reduce your blood pressure and levels of the stress hormone cortisol, slow heart rate, breathing rate, oxygen consumption, and relax muscles.

Research revealed that when blood pressure falls during the relaxation response, inflammation and blood vessel constriction become less active and blood vessels widen.

Back in 2016, the American Heart Association was already studying and promoting the benefits of the TM technique for the cardiovascular system.

According to Dr. Vernon Barnes, in most cases the high blood pressure is reduced after a month or two of practicing TM. By reducing stress, TM profoundly improves cardiovascular health as well as physical and mental health in general.  How? Although it is a mental technique, it triggers a unique neurophysiological state, that is shown to lead to lower cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.

What are the most common reasons why people want to learn how to meditate?

Life in society these days is inducing so much pressure and stress and most people accumulate so much of it that they have sleep disorders, burnout, anxiety, depression and all the consequences on health like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, digestive difficulties etc. They all understand that it comes from stress whatever the end problem and they come to TM to decrease their level of stress, somehow eliminate the stress by deep rest.

How ? Although it is a mental technique, it triggers a unique neurophysiological state, that is shown to lead to lower cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.

How can transcendental meditation improve insomnia?

Especially with insomnia, the results with transcendental meditation are usually coming quite quickly and some clients have got relief of sleep problems in a few days even. Some scientific research showed that the insomniacs had a significant decrease of their time to fall asleep after a few weeks of transcendental meditation practice.

To know more about meditation

Longevity Podcasts by Clinique La Prairie

"What happens when you meditate?" By Guenael Boucher


What happens when you meditate?

Triangolini di sedano with truffle and turmeric


What if one of the greatest keys to living a long & healthy life were on our plates?

Vegan cuisine and its incredible diversity of colors and flavors begins with sight and continues with taste for genuine sensory delight. Discover this vegan recipe - Triangolini di sedano with truffle and turmeric.

Ingredients - for 4 people

Food 2


  • Celery - two pieces
  • Truffle - 12 gr.
  • Leeks - one piece
  • Madeira wine - 2 dl.
  • Grated turmeric
  • Garlic
  • Thyme
  • Vegetable broth - 20 cl.
  • Centrifuged celery for juice
  • Pepper



Celery Broth:

Step 1: Centrifuge some celery for juice.

Step 2: Dice the celery in cubes and "sauté" in olive oil until colored. Add the garlic, thyme, pepper, then wet with the celery juice and broth. Cook over low heat for 1 hour, strain and reduce the juice.



Step 1: Mince the leeks.

Step 2: Grate the turmeric and cut the celery into a “brunoise”.

Step 3: Cook everything with olive oil and deglaze with the madeira wine.

Step 4: Add the truffle and turmeric and store in the fridge.


Make the ravioli by slicing the celery to 1.5 mm thickness and steam for 30 seconds to soften. Form the ravioli with the stuffing and add some olive oil for shine when serving. Add some truffle and raw celery on top.

Our deep approach to immunity


Results of our deep and stimulating approach to immunity, post-Covid and beyond

For Clinique La Prairie’s doctors, it is interesting to observe the current health state of the guests who come or return for a stay at the clinic. This allows them to assess immunity brought by the benefits of the clinic's programs, especially the Revitalisation program.

Dr Heini

Our Medical Director, Dr Adrian Heini, shares his insight and expertise on the personal health journeys of the guests. Many of them show resilience to viruses, and in particular Covid-19, when several members of their family and those around them have been diagnosed positive and have sometimes suffered from serious effects of the disease.

Other guests were affected by the virus and reported having mild symptoms and recovering well from the disease. Among them are patients with pathologies such as cardiovascular, respiratory or diabetes problems, and older patients.

Clinique La Prairie's programs and medical evaluations also address the needs of those who suffer from the symptoms of what is known as “long Covid”, which includes fatigue and respiratory problems that persist for several months after contracting Covid-19. According to medical surveys across the globe, these persistent post-Covid symptoms may also include heart palpitations, chest pain or tightness, issues with memory and concentration, joint pain and numerous other symptoms affecting multiple organ systems.


Revitalisation is a prevention program that can help you fight viruses better, strengthen your immune system, avoid serious long-term consequences, and recover better. Revitalisation is therefore also indicated as a support in the post-Covid context. It is essential for a person who has had the virus to rebuild their immune system. Revitalisation does not only help stimulate the natural defenses but can help you to be resistant to possible future diseases as we are confronted with viruses and bacteria in our everyday life.

Dr Heini explains, “Our scientific and medical expertise gives us the hindsight to say that Revitalisation helps stimulate the innate part of the immunity that is nonspecific, which produces antibodies against a virus or bacteria. Indeed, to be effective in the fight against a virus or bacteria, we need two aspects: the specific part by the neutralization of the antibodies (called humoral immune response, at the origin of the production of the antibodies), and the non-specific part also called the cellular system (this is the production of cells that phagocytize viruses and bacteria). The various elements of the Revitalisation program contribute to this overall immuno-cellular stimulation; the cellular immune response is therefore reinforced. In the current context, which may also include vaccines, our bodies can activate antibodies, but they may not be enough on their own. The immune system needs to be at its best”.


Taking care of your immunity, health and wellbeing is an ongoing process. This is why the Revitalisation program can be recommended every year to support the strengthening of your immune system. Diagnosing exactly what a client needs through a combined medical and holistic approach is central to what we do. From a medical standpoint, nine decades of medical science and clinical experience have given us confidence that our Holistic Longevity Method is proven to help people live healthier, fuller and longer lives.

Learn more from guests who have experienced Revitalisation

Mr and Mrs de Matos, from Brazil, have been staying at Clinique La Prairie for the Revitalisation week for their 3rd time this year.

Why did you choose the Revitalisation program?

Mrs de Matos: “I have an illness which resulted in me suffering from pulmonary fibrosis. I heard about Revitalisation at Clinique La Prairie, and I wanted to give it a try. I was seduced by the beneficial effects as my pulmonary fibrosis has stabilized and calmed down. I take natural biologics and immunoglobins to cure my fibrosis, but the results take several months. After my Revitalisation stay, I noticed a big improvement. The effects last longer over time, and I feel a real stabilization of the disease. Before, I had tried many different treatments. For the past year, I absolutely wanted to come back, because I felt I needed it and I want to do it regularly.”

Mr de Matos Silva: “My ambition is to live to be 120 years old, and I am looking for the right treatments to get there. I take a lot of dietary supplements and exercise every day. I even have several coaches; I also exercise to improve my memory and work on managing my emotions. And as part of my longevity planning, I have included coming to Clinique La Prairie regularly for the Revitalisation program. It gives me real energy stability.”

Have you suffered from Covid-19?

Several members of our family have had Covid-19 but not us.

Discover more on the 7-day Revitalisation program 

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