Glucose Monitoring
Glucose Monitoring

Glucose Monitoring now added into the Healthy Weight Programme


Clinique La Prairie has integrated the continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device into the Healthy Weight programme. A CGM tracks the blood sugar levels in real-time, and spots hyperglycaemia (blood sugar above standard range) and hypoglycaemia (blood sugar below standard range).

The benefit of it is that CGM enables to know which foods tend to make your glucose levels spike is. It is known that higher glycaemic food triggers more insulin, resulting in more calories stored as fat; while lower glycemic food trigger less insulin, resulting more calories used for energy. By understanding where you are and what foods and habits are keeping your glucose levels stable, you can improve your metabolic health and, ultimately, have a better control on your weight.


It consists of a sensor simply and discreetly applied onto the arm’s skin and connected to an app. As carbohydrates are digested, glucose enters the bloodstream before being absorbed into the interstitial fluid (a thin layer of fluid that surrounds the tissue cells below the skin). The device allows the quantification of daily glucose fluctuations and shows an instant visualization of glucose responses. Measuring glucose is used as part of the overall bespoke strategy to lose and control weight by giving you concrete numbers on your metabolic health. When you discover what is driving high glucose variability, you can make informed diet and lifestyle changes to improve metabolic health, which will make it easier to control weight.

The sensor has been designed to track glucose levels for up to 14 days (which perfectly fits with the 14-day length of the Healthy Weight programme). Over the 2 weeks of the stay, Clinique La Prairie’s nutritionist will be regularly checking in the results with the guest and use the science-driven information to design efficient nutritional strategies for him/her.

glucose monitoring


Because not everyone is the same when it comes to weight gain, the Healthy Weight program offers an individualized approach. There are indeed particular sensitivities; typically, the basal metabolic rate which can vary greatly from person to person. However, these factors can be influenced with targeted treatment and care.


This multidisciplinary approach makes it possible to treat the underlying and sometimes indirect causes of overweight. For example, it is not uncommon to find subacute systemic inflammation, disruption of the microbiota or desynchronization of the biological clock, with irregular and/or insufficient sleep. Sometimes it will be a question of combating oxidative stress by treating excess cortisol.



People often want to lose a lot of weight quickly. However, a number of studies have proved that draconian diets induce biological compensation mechanisms, resulting in weight regain after only one year and a risk of the yo-yo effect. The failure rate of diets without appropriate professional support varies between 60% and 90%. In addition, rapid weight loss leads to muscle wasting; this loss of lean mass can represent up to 30% of the lost weight.


Personalized proactive genetic testing


GorankaLearn more about personalized proactive genetic testing with Dr. Goranka Tanackovic, CEO of Gene Predictis & member of Clinique La Prairie scientific committee. Gene Predictis is a pioneering Swiss company specialized in precision medicine offering innovative diagnostic tools based on genetics that allow tailored treatments for patients. After joining Gene Predictis as CEO in 2011, she changed the vision and the strategy of the company to help it develop first in class diagnostic products answering important medical needs, win numerous awards and develop its business significantly.

Personalized proactive genetic testing, or medically “actionable” genetic test, is a test that allows to identify risks for conditions that can be prevented, cured, or treated more efficiently, in particular if identified early. Examples of such tests are genetic tests related to cardiovascular diseases or cancers among others.

In 2013, the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) compiled a list of genes associated with conditions that they formally defined as “medically actionable”. On the last update from 2022, the list counts 90 genetic conditions. It is recommended that genetic variants on this list should be reported to any patient undergoing genomic testing for traditional diagnostic purposes because of the effective, potentially life-saving, treatment options. This approach to preventive disease management was thus so-far essentially limited to patients undergoing clinical sequencing for a medical reason.


Clinique La Prairie, as a world leading-edge clinic, in collaboration with pioneering laboratory Gene Predictis, is among the first to offer such NGS-based medically actionable screening tests, as well as comprehensive professional accompaniment related to these tests. In particular, personalized proactive genetic testing requires a medical evaluation and consent is necessary.
The genes analyzed can be tailored to the elements of the personal and family history. Carrier screening (research of recessive mutations) can also be offered in the context of a parental project. The results of the analyses can be complex and may concern other family members, therefore they are accompanied by genetic counseling. Here are some potential uses of the results: 

A heart rhythm disorder

The ability of genetic screening to identify individuals with genetically determined heart rhythm disorders has been clearly demonstrated.
The most frequently diagnosed disease is congenital long QT syndrome (LQTS), with the three most frequently involved genes being KCNQ1, KCNH2, and SCN5A. LQTS is characterized by heart rate corrected QT interval prolongation at the EKG and potentially fatal arrhythmias, leading to syncope and sudden cardiac death.
Identification of variants in these genes warrants cardiological evaluation and follow-up, with possible prescription of beta-blockers. An important consequence in terms of prevention consists of recommendations concerning medication and notably the lists of drugs to avoided. Lifestyle recommendations vary according to the gene involved, consisting for example of limiting physical stress (e.g. risk of drowning; KCNQ1 gene) or auditory stress (e.g. alarm clock; KCNH2 gene).

Familial cancers

Our body is permanently exposed to stress (oxidative stress, UV irradiation, pollution, etc) and so is true for our cells and genomic DNA. These stresses induce DNA damage that has to be repaired to maintain genomic integrity. Diverse DNA repairing enzymes are involved in this process, among them BRCA1 and BRCA2 proteins, encoded by the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.

In addition to female breast and ovarian/fallopian tube cancers, BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations have been implicated in other cancers, namely prostate, pancreatic, colorectal, gastric, biliary and melanoma cancers. In the case of positive family history of certain cancers these genes can be sequenced and eventual pathogenic mutations identified early.

Identification of mutations in this genes will result with a medical follow-up to allow early cancer detection or eventually, in the case of cancer, early surgical interventions improving the chances of cure. In addition preventive measures can be proposed to lower the risk of cancer development, such as: medication to lower the chance of developing breast and ovarian cancer (tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitors), breast self-exam training and education starting at young age for both women and men, yearly screening with breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and mammogram, possibly starting at a younger age, clinical screening for ovarian cancer with transvaginal ultrasound and CA-125 blood tests done regularly, prostate cancer screening in men starting at age 45 (especially for men with a BRCA2 mutation) and regular cancer screening in both women and men for skin, colon and pancreas cancer.

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Music & Emotions - Montreux Jazz Festival 2023

MJF 2023

The cast for the 57th Montreux Jazz edition included major figures of the current scene, pioneers of the sixties and seventies, monuments of blues and jazz, pop icons and legends in the making.



Between 30 June to 15 July, Clinique La Prairie’s guests had the opportunity to add an evening at the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival to their health week in Montreux. Clinique La Prairie was also proud to partner again this season with the Longevity Lounge in the backstage, designed for the incredibly talented artists performing at the vibrant festival

The Power of Music


Clinique La Prairie's Longevity Lounge is a haven of wellness and rejuvanation exclusively designed for the talented artists performing at the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Before or after their show, they were invited to relax in our lounge specially designed for the occasion to enjoy a savourous signature detox drink made of Aronia juice and red fruits along with signature massages delivered by our expert therapists.



Discover the #MJF23 line-up


From Chris Isaak to Iggy Pop, discover the extraordinary line-up of timeless classics and modern hits of this 2023 edition on Spotify 

Targeting Senescent Cells to promote Longevity


It has been scientifically demonstrated that aging is inextricably bound up with cellular senescence - the process by which a cell ages and stops dividing without actually dying. But is it possible to slow down cellular senescence and the chronic pathologies associated with it?
To find out, we interviewed Dr Silvio Folli, who holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a Faculty of Medicine Award from the University of Lausanne, and is a member of Clinique La Prairie’s Scientific Committee.

What is cellular senescence?

It’s a physiological process that plays a vital part in tissue development and regeneration. For instance, senescent cells help rebuild tissues and play a role in wound healing. Once their job is done, they destroy themselves and are eliminated by the immune system. As we age, these processes are perturbed, mainly as a result of chronic inflammation. This causes an increase in the number of senescent cells, which then exacerbate chronic inflammation. It’s a vicious circle. The changes involved are associated with pathologies such as high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and hyperplasia, and over time, these gradually contribute to the development of so-called chronic diseases, which are the chief cause of illness and death in highly industrialized countries.

Cellular Genomic

How can predictive, holistic medicine help?

Scientific advances have made it possible to identify the molecular mechanisms that result in aging. Numerous studies have found that aging is not inevitable and irreversible, as was previously thought. We now have a much better understanding of the genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors that influence aging. The molecular mechanisms connected with cellular senescence are sufficiently malleable for appropriate treatments and changes in lifestyle to be effective in slowing down cellular senescence and the chronic pathologies associated with it. 

Clinique la prairie is a pioneer in this field. How does it apply this knowledge in practice?

Based on our knowledge, we have developed a longevity-oriented approach that works by activating the molecular mechanisms involved in tissue regeneration. This is complemented by medical, genetic and epigenetic profiling, nutrition, dietary supplements, stress management and advice on lifestyle (diet, exercise, sleep, etc.) to help slow the aging process.


Is this tantamount to a fountain of youth?

The treatments offered act favourably on the loss of information that triggers the molecular mechanisms that lead to cellular senescence and the chronic pathologies associated with it. In a way, rebooting cellular programmes that are developmentally highly conserved temporarily shuts off an unprogrammed state, meaning one that is less orderly or more chaotic, that causes cellular senescence. In that sense, yes, you could call it a fountain of youth.

All in all, longevity is primarily a matter of developing good habits.

Chronic overeating, nutritional deficiencies, lack of exercise or problems with sleep patterns can interfere with cell signalling pathways so that cells grow and divide too fast instead of withstanding stress in such a way as to help maintain and regenerate the metabolism.
Poor dietary and lifestyle choices can result in a higher proportion of senescent cells as we get older, and that can cause inflammation. Cellular imbalance is associated with chronic low-level age-related inflammation. It encourages the emergence of senescent cells and hinders their elimination by the immune system. Although senescent cells cannot divide, they secrete numerous pro-inflammatory factors that can contaminate nearby cells and transform them into senescent cells. This can lead to the development of chronic diseases that impair quality of life in old age.

A groundbreaking sound therapy that acts on your longevity


Clinique La Prairie is proud to be the first partner to provide AudioVitality®’s innovative technology in sound therapy. This technology brings a paradigm shift in supporting well-aging, improving performance and in a range of preventative and curative approaches, including tinnitus.

AudioVitality® is a unique innovative technology that uses low frequency continuous sounds with optional harmonic distortions and binaural components in a sound-proofed environment in full immersion. The effects of RubesaSounds™ potentially imply physical, biological, neural, and mental systemic stimulations that affect health, wellbeing, performance and Well Aging. It stimulates the body's natural capacity to heal, and to regulate body vitality.

All happens in a sound-proofed futuristic treatment studio

In the dedicated isolated studio, you lay comfortably down on your back on a massage bed. During the session that lasts 40 minutes, specifically-designed series of sounds (RubesaSounds™) are played, while your whole body is immersed in the sound environment, experiencing it throughout your body. All is controlled by an AudioVitality trained practitioner.

The AudioVitality® experience is based on 40 min sessions combining client anamnesis and possible problematic body zone identification.

What is behind the science of RubesaSounds™?


A sound session consists of a series of twelve 3- minute sounds. RubesaSounds™ are highly structured continuous soundwaves with one or several low frequency fundamentals between 40 and 80 Hz with additional harmonics having specific acoustic properties.

In natural and urban environments, sounds are intermittent and vary with time. The brain considers sound as a signal with a variation and limit in time. The human brain is not generally used to dealing with continuous sounds. RubesaSounds™ are 3 minutes long continuous soundwaves that are highly structured with specific harmony and equilibrium or, on the contrary, with dissonance and tension. The constancy of the sound signal over time progressively reaches neural saturation. After several sounds have been played in a sequence, this mental saturation pushes the brain into an unexplored and unique pleasant experience of “letting go”.

The RubesaSounds™ continuous sounds innovation finds its inspiration in minimal 20th century music.

Low frequency whole body vibrations

High frequency sounds are mainly perceived by the ear. Low frequency sounds are more complex. They are perceived simultaneously through multiple channels:

  • Via the auditory pathway: cochlea, auditory cortex, like all audible sounds.
  • Via whole-body perceptions, through specific skin mechanoreceptors: Pacini Corpuscles, Meissner Corpuscles, and Hair follicles (Møller and Pedersen, 2004).

Additionally, human hair and skin absorption of acoustic vibrations have been measured at higher frequencies between 1 and 6 kHz (Katz, 2000). Each part of the human body’s skin reacts to specific vibration frequencies (Diller, 2001). Each part of the body has a specific vibration receptor repartition. For example, inner and outer arms have different hair densities with subsequent hair follicles and Meissner corpuscle densities.

During AudioVitality® treatments, each sound is personalized with respect to the client’s characteristics and preferences. This way, the impact of sound is maximized for each body zone.


Harmonic distortions


RubesaSounds™ harmonics include classic harmonics from Western European music but also other types of harmonics used traditionally in Asia which provide perceptions of sound roughness and dissonances (Tramo et al., 2001).

Such harmonic distortions have been shown to generate specific electrical responses in the human brain (Leino et al., 2007).

AudioVitality® RubesaSounds™ apply harmonic distortions in the original and unique context of continuous sounds.

Binaural beats

Some selected Rubesa Sounds™ also include binaural beats. Binaural Beat principle (Chaieb et al., 2015) Binaural beats have been shown to have effects on cognition, anxiety and pain perception (Garcia-Argibay et al., 2019), even if no definitive consensus has been reached yet.

AudioVitality® RubesaSounds™ apply binaural beats in an original way, through sound studio immersion, low signal frequencies and continuous sounds. It incorporates modulations typically seen in neural oscillations.


Vibrations and healing

At the phylogenetic level, hearing was the first sensory system to develop in evolution and ontogenetically (“Development of Auditory and Vestibular Systems - 1st Edition,” n.d.). to develop in the womb.

The human auditory system continuously analyzes acoustic signals, which are filtered and interpreted by cortical and sub-cortical brain structures that cause acute responses in the autonomic nervous and the endocrine system, even during sleep (“Cardiovascular Effects of Noise on Man – Wolfgang Babisch,” 2015).

The effects of low frequency sounds and vibrations can affect hemodynamic, neurology and musculoskeletal systems by impacting endothelial cell stimulation, kinase protein stimulation and nerve stimulation, respectively (Bartel and Mosabbir, 2021). Some studies have shown improvements in patients with fibromyalgia (Naghdi et al., 2015). It also has impacts on visual functions, concentration, and continuous and selective attention (Pawlaczyk-Luszczyńiska et al., 2005).


Experience AudioVitality into your next Master Detox or as an add-on

From this July, AudioVitality is integrated into the Master Detox program, and it can be added as an experience to any other program. Our practitioners will guide you through the Longevity Well Aging protocol.

Specific other protocols include Sports performance, using personalized RubesaSounds™ that stimulate specific body zones in relation to an athlete’s training and competition objectives. It aims to provide accelerated recuperation and subsequent improved sport performance, as well as to prevent injuries by its deep relaxing effect.

For more information regarding AudioVitality® and to book a session, contact

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Building on the pioneering work in cellular therapy begun in 1931 by Dr Paul Niehans, visionary physician and researcher in cell revitalisation, Clinique La Prairie has never ceased to be involved in scientific research related to senescence and associated chronic diseases. Since 1990, Clinique La Prairie collaborates with an international, multidisciplinary team of renowned scientists in immunology, biochemistry, and other disciplines, to further study the approach developed by Dr Niehans.


The last 30 years of scientific research have led to the publication numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles in internationally renowned journals. This work represents some of the most relevant scientific research of age-related changes in cytokine secretions and the immune cells involved in it. As such, Clinique La Prairie is a pioneering institution in the field of longevity and is arguably the only private institution in the world to have achieved such significant work in understanding age-related changes in the immune system and how to manage them.

Scientific Content

Age-related changes in cytokine secretions plays a critical role in immunosenescence and subsequently, in the increase of age-related cellular senescence and associated chronic diseases.   

The scientific research sponsored by Clinique La Prairie has demonstrated that its original CLP Extract extract could improve age-related changes in cytokines secretions and to restore the immune profile. Age-related changes in cytokine secretions were reversed by using a transmitter gas, that at physiologic dose, functions as a cell signalling molecule among other beneficial effects. The specific study of the different immune cell populations showed that age-related alterations in both innate and adaptative immune cell populations were involved in immunosenescence. This successful period of investigation also showed that regardless the route of CLP Extract administration used, the results obtained were similar. This laid the foundation for the oral treatment given to patients-guests today during the complete and holistic Revitalisation program.

All these results underlined that immunosenescence is not an inescapable process, and that immune cells have an enormous plasticity that could be advantageously exploited to manage cellular senescence. Furthermore, immunosenescence appeared to be more a remodelling than a decline of the immune system.



In the following years, major efforts were made to identify the interacting active compounds contained in the original CLP Extract and to further elucidate their pharmacological mechanism. Two main interacting compounds were identified: foetal haemoglobin and lipopolysaccharide (a biologically active component of specific bacterial cells). Studies have shown that they can interact together, resulting in a synergistic action promoting improvement of age-related immune system changes. Other compounds contained in the original CLP Extract, notably glutathione, have also been identified as playing a role in combatting immunosenescence.

These fundamental findings led to a patent entitled “Composition comprising Foetal Haemoglobin and Bacterial Endotoxin, and optionally Additional Foetal Liver Components” (International application No.: PCT/EP2004/00/001553).

Encouraged by these positive results, the aim of the following studies was to further investigate the beneficial effect that the original CLP Extract or some of its components could potentially have on chronic diseases such as colitis and osteoporosis, as well as in the prevention of allergy and transplant rejection. This work confirmed the observation that the actives of the original CLP Extract played a role in polarizing T-lymphocytes subsets towards a type that may have positive implication for susceptibility to allergic diseases in man.

In the applied study published in 2018, it was shown that the original CLP Extract could potentially be useful in maintaining bone structure through its anti-inflammatory action.

The formula originally created by Dr Niehans has evolved over the decades, always on the same scientific grounds and following the strictest medical safety standards. For several years now, the CLP Extract of Clinique La Prairie is a stabilized purified form that demonstrated the similar quality and benefits. It is administrated orally to patients to revitalise and regenerate cells in the week-long program called Revitalisation, in conjunction with bio-stimulants and, since 2021, new complementing formulas.

In fact, recent research has also focused on two areas. The first is a nutrigenomic strategy to detoxify cells by inducing a transcriptional factor with the ability to activate more than 3000 cytoprotective genes related to cellular detoxification and stimulation. This was delivered with a combination of 5 vegan nutraceuticals (“CLP cellular genomic REV FFS1-5 activator”) working on the immune system, the nervous system, a reduction in inflammation, gut microbiota health and sleep patterns.

The second area is the production of the “5-HMF” substance, known as a powerful antioxidant and cellular activator. Clinique La Prairie developed a natural process to produce it and integrate it into a drinkable organic plant complex (“HP-cellular active”).

Using an integrative scientific approach, all the results obtained over the last thirty years were reanalysed in the light of current knowledge in cellular senescence. This analysis has shown that the activating stem cell recruitment and differentiation as well as potential reversal of immunosenescence are mainly related to the activation of nutrient cell signalling pathways associated to health and longevity and the inhibition of those involved in chronic age-related inflammation.   

In the last 10 years, the longevity approach of Clinique La Prairie complements science with an expert holistic content. In that respect, in the Revitalisation program, the evolved Niehans science is integrated into a holistic plan of genetics, medicine, nutrition, wellbeing and movement, working together to help stimulate cell regeneration, fight the signs and causes of aging, and enhance overall mental and physical health.



Medical Consultation

Clinique La Prairie, through its unceasing commitment to research and its collaboration with scientists in the field of immunology, biochemistry, among other areas, has perpetuated the cell therapy of Dr Niehans and given it scientific credibility. This has led several granted patents that are still valid and respected in many countries of the world. The results of the Revitalisation program are proven by people returning regularly and testifying to their health. Like its pioneer Dr Niehans, Clinique La Prairie never stops believing in the science of longevity.

Discover the Revitalisation program with Dr. Heini

Rev Cover
Rev Cover

The Revitalisation program is built with a focus on metabolism, inflammation, anti-aging and natural defenses, coming from an exclusive longevity approach used at Clinique La Prairie.
Discover more with Clinique La Prairie’s Medical Director, Dr. Heini

Dr Heini

For whom do you recommend the Revitalisation programme?

We recommend it to anybody over 35 years old, who wants to get the benefits of a complete regeneration program that helps stimulate immunity, combat the negative effects of aging and boost energy to perform better than ever before.

What are the benefits of the Revitalisation programme ?

The program contributes to rejuvenation by regenerating ageing cells and reinforce the body’s defence system.

Progressively, a greater vitality, improved mental performance, increased intellectual and physical endurance will appear, as well as a better sleep and an improved overall wellbeing.


How does Revitalisation help with the immune system?

While a healthy lifestyle is of course essential to help your immune system through a healthy lifestyle, medical supervision and immune-boosting program such as Revitalisation can provide a stronger approach to strengthen immunity on the long term.

We speak here about “trained innate immunity”, that is the ability of the immune system to develop increased resistance to reinfection and thus provide long-term protection against pathogenic reinfection. We can target it by epigenetic modifications and by stimulating an enhanced protective inflammatory response, that will induce the reprogramming of immune cells.

The Revitalisation program includes several stimuli and actives in its supplements and formulas that are known to support this induction of trained immunity, as well as cell regeneration.


Tell us more about the actives that induce trained immunity and stimulate cell regeneration?

The continued dedication to regenerative medicine means Clinique La Prairie is constantly spearheading new formulas to support wellbeing. The CLP Extract, first, remains central to the programme to help regenerate and fight the effects of aging.  Two activators have been added: a high-performance cellular active and a genomic-based cure.

The HP-Cellular Active is an organic plant complex taken daily during the stay. It features a potent substance that is known to improve oxygen supply to tissues, help regulate oxidative stress and stimulate cells’ protection.

The new CLP Cellular Genomic FFS1-5 is composed of five plant-based compounds that interact with the genes involved in cell stimulation and body’s systems modulations. Each compound is formulated with carefully selected micronutrients and plant extracts. They are first taken during the stay and continued at home for four weeks to continue the revitalizing protocol.

Of course, once at the clinic, clients must undergo a rigorous series of tests given by the medical team, with particulars they need to oversee the detailed treatments. These tests will include blood, electrocardiogram, ultra-sound and x-rays among others. Only then are the CLP Extract, bio-stimulants, immunotherapy and the cellular and genomic courses administrated.


Clinique La Prairie’s philosophy leading every program, including Revitalisation, promotes a healthy lifestyle over medical, nutrition, wellbeing and exercise. Can you explain how an healthy living builds longevity ?

It comes down to epigenetics: how external factors affect the way genes are read by cells. What you eat and drink, how you sleep, where you live, how you exercise, smoking and many other lifestyle choices - all of these factors can cause chemical modifications to genes that will turn them on or off over time, and the possible combinations are broad and varied.

To help you stay healthy and live longer, Clinique La Prairie’s programs aim at triggering balanced gene expressions with natural methods that act at the cellular level: ones that provides instructions for producing proteins associated with longevity rather than senescence.

In this approach, the nutrition guidance provided during the Revitalisation program plays a vital role. The expert nutritionist will target anti-inflammatory gut health and the guest’s specific needs to promote a healthy mindset for transformative habits.

Lowering stress is another essential component for positive epigenetics. That is why the programme integrates mind-to-body wellness therapies to help reduce stress such as regenerative light therapy, neuro-wave stimulation, workouts and revitalising massage. So guests enjoy deeper and more stable effects.

And with the current situation, where the immune system is in the front line, it is a program that can answer to many needs.

What will a person know from its Revitalisation’s DNA testing?

Many common medical conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, food intolerances and certain auto-immune diseases, are influenced by both genetic factors and lifestyle. An increased understanding of human genetics has brought about unprecedented medical progress. It is now possible to detect predispositions to develop many deficiencies and diseases and improve upon our inherited state of health through targeted interventions in long-term behaviour.

The predictive DNA test of Revitalisation is an advanced tool of personalized medicine: it offers a comprehensive overview of inherited risk factors and enables the tailoring of therapies and nutritional and lifestyle advice based on genetically predisposed factors.

Has the Revitalisation programme changed and evolved over the years?

Its essence and philosophy are the same. It was devised to increase energy levels, regenerate cells and boost the immune system, all of which helps combat the negative effects of ageing while having an overall fitness effect on the body and its organs. It is constantly monitored, researched and honed to be the most advanced regeneration and longevity programme.


As the Medical Director of Clinique La Prairie, how do you see the role of the doctor for the guest?

We value human connection and know that our guests do, too. This is why they will see their doctor several times throughout the weeklong program, building a sense of trust and comfort as they take them through the three medical objectives of any stay at the clinic: the testing, results and diagnosis at the beginning; the advice and therapies after that; and at the end of the stay, when guests leave feeling empowered by knowledge that gives them the tools for long-term results.


The best anti-aging treatments in the world to regenerate and rejuvenate your body and spirit, strengthen your immune system and enhance your physical and mental performance.

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Revitalisation Premium Program

Based on the Revitalisation program’s powerful foundations targeting cell regeneration and immune defenses, it enhances them with a super-targeted medical approach to deeply regenerate the body’s systems and functions.

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Revitalisation & Stem Cells

Embrace the power of our Revitalisation or Revitalisation Premium programs, seamlessly integrated with our Stem Cells program. This extraordinary package harnesses the regenerative capabilities of your body's own cells to preserve your youth naturally.

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Longevity Hub Bangkok Workshops

Longevity Hub Bangkok
Longevity Hub Bangkok

Longevity Hub by Clinique La Prairie in Bangkok is delighted to present you its wellness workshops


To reserve a space in our workshops in Bangkok, please click the link below, book though our Line channel or contact our Longevity Hub at +66 2207 7779.
The workshops are running at a participation charge of 1,000 Baht.

August 2023

Food & Mood | Saturday 12 August | Rachel Bullen

Join our resident Nutritionist, Rachel Bullen, for a workshop that explores how dietary choices affect our mood and emotional resilience. Gain insights into the factors that can lead to cravings and fluctuating energy levels, and the fascinating connection between the gut and the brain, plus many valuable tips to support a balanced mood via a healthy diet and lifestyle practices.


Mandala Art: Mindfulness through Creativity| Saturday 19 August | Rachel Bullen

Join us at Longevity Hub Bangkok to explore mindfulness through creativity. Mandalas, with their intricate patterns and symmetrical forms, have long been recognised as powerful tools for meditation and self-discovery. Join us to learn the fundamental principles of mandala art and its connection to mindfulness. During this workshop, led by Wellness Counsellor Rachel Bullen, you will have the opportunity to create your own mandala artwork.


​Boosting Collagen | Thursday 31 August | Dr Natnicha Loicheun

Join Doctor Natnicha Loicheun for an informative workshop on how to boost your natural production of collagen to improve skin quality. As we age, collagen levels deminish, resulting in a loss of skin elasticity, and an increase in fine lines and loose skin. Gain expert insights on how to keep your skin youthful for longer, plus the benefits of cutting edge technologies, including Thermage and Laser.

July 2023

Mandala Art: Mindfulness through Creativity | Saturday 8 July | Rachel Bullen

Join us for the Mandala Art Workshop to explore mindfulness through creativity. Mandalas, with their intricate patterns and symmetrical forms, have long been recognised as powerful tools for meditation and self-discovery. Join us to learn the fundamental principles of mandala art and its connection to mindfulness. During this workshop, led by Clinique La Prairie Wellness Counsellor, Rachel Bullen, you will have the opportunity to create your own original mandala designs or work from an existing template, using a variety of vibrant colours.


IV Nutrient Therapy | Wednesday 12 July | Doctor Chaiyasit (Dr. Keng)

Vitamins and minerals are compounds used by the body for various metabolic processes, and IV drips are an effective way to deliver these nutrients directly into the bloodstream to ensures better absorption and availability of nutrients to the body. Join Dr Keng to learn about the essential role nutrients play in boosting our energy and revitalise our cells, and the importance of dose and frequency. Gain practical knowledge on the different nutrient combinations and understand how they can address specific health concerns and benefit overall wellbeing.


​Detox and Rebalance | Saturday 29 July |Rachel Bullen

In our modern world, supporting the body's natural detoxification system is a powerful step towards better heatlh. Join Nutritionist and Wellness Counsellor, Rachel Bullen, to discover the fascinating world of detoxification and its profound impact on cellular health and longevity. Learn how to incorporate nutrient-dense and antioxidant-rich foods into your daily routine to nourish your body from within, as well as key lifestyle practices that support wellbeing and prevent illness.

June 2023

Leaky Gut Syndrome | Saturday 10 June | Dr. Nutchanakarn Nuttakitpokin

Leaky gut syndrome is a digestive condition where the intestinal lining allows bacteria and toxins into the bloodstream. It refers to an increase in permeability of the intestinal lining, which may play a role in Crohn’s and other diseases. Join Dr. Yhin to learn about the cause, symptoms, risk factor and the treatments.

Mindful Meditation | Saturday 17 June | Rachel Bullen

Join us for a Mindful Meditation. The session will begin with an introduction to mindfulness as a key quality of a meditation practice, that can also be integrated into everyday life. This will be followed by a guided meditation incorporating active breathwork, visualisations and mindful presence to promote a state of inner peace.

The Power of Sleep | Saturday 24 June | Rachel Bullen

Learn about the vital role of sleep in health and wellbeing with resident Nutritionist, Rachel Bullen. Gain valuable insights on how to maximise your nightly rest with effective strategies incorporating lifestyle, nutrition and mindset to enhance longevity, cognition, beauty, and overall wellbeing.

May 2023

Mindful Meditation | Saturday 13 May | Rachel Bullen 

Join our in-house Wellness Counsellor for a Mindful Meditation. The session will begin with an introduction to mindfulness as a key quality of a meditation practice, followed by a guided meditation incorporating active breath work, mindfulness and visualisations to promote a state of inner peace.

How to become a Centenarian | Saturday 20 May | Rachel Bullen 

In this workshop, join resident Nutritionist, Rachel Bullen, to learn about the world's longest-lived people. The Centenarians from the world's Blue Zones incorporate a range of key factors that have helped them to sustain such long and robust lives of at least 100 years of age - including diet, lifestyle, environment, mindset and community.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Tuesday 30 May | Dr Noravich Poorapeeravong

Join Dr Art to learn about PRP, including how it is obtained and prepared, plus its uses as a therapy for skin rejuvenation, hair restoration and wound healing.

April 2023

Mindful Meditation | Saturday 01 April | Rachel Bullen 

This month, join our in-house Wellness Counsellor for a Mindful Meditation. The session will begin with an introduction to mindfulness as a key quality of a meditation practice, followed by a guided meditation that has been designed to evoke positive change in your mind and biochemistry through active breath work, mindfulness and visualisations.

Food & Mood | Saturday 08 April | Rachel Bullen 

Join our resident Nutritionist, Rachel Bullen, for a workshop that explores how what we eat affects our mood and emotional resilience. Gain insights into the factors that can lead to cravings, and the fascinating connection between the gut and the brain, plus many valuable tips to support a happy mood.

Immune Boosting | Saturday 29 April | Dr Nicha

Join Dr Nicha for an informative workshop on the immune system. Your immune system is incredibly powerful and adaptive, and by understanding the role of the immune system, you can have better health and longevity. Learn various approaches to strengthen your immune system naturally, plus how the skin and gut play key roles in immune function.

About our Longevity Hub in Bangkok

This first Clinique La Prairie flagship outside of Europe is a haven of rejuvenation and wellbeing that addresses beauty, longevity, nutrition and wellness concerns with scientifically proven treatments, lifestyle-enhancing products, and signature wellness traditions.

Located on level 15 of The St.Regis and extending over 1,500 sqm, the Bangkok center boasts 16 treatment rooms and medi-wellness facilities. The areas are spread across two levels with wet area facilities including rain showers, Thai herbal steam rooms, twilight rasul, vitality pools, foot reflexology water walk, and relaxation pods.

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Grapefruit Chutney with Radish & Vanilla

Seeds Restaurant
Seeds Restaurant

Jump into spring with innovative recipe based on grapefruit, radish and vanilla

Plant-based cuisine and its incredible diversity of colors and flavors begins with sight and continues with taste for genuine sensory delight. Discover this vegan and gluten free recipe - Grapefruit Chutney with Radish & Vanilla



- 8 grapefruits
- 6 radishes
- 1 vanilla pod
- 1 shallot
- 1.5 tbsp olive oil
- 1.5tbsp white balsamic vinegar
- Espelette pepper
- White peper
- Salt

Grapefruit Chutney with Radish & Vanilla



Blanch the radishes in heavily salted water. Cut them in half and marinate them in the grapefruit juice with vanilla. Keep this juice for later.

Collect long zests, the wedges from 4 grapefruits and juice the 4 others. Blanch the zests 3 times then cook them in the juice seasoned with Espelette pepper.

Chop the shallot and cook it with the grapefruit wedges, vanilla and olive oil while covered. End with the vinegar until fully cooked.

Blanch the washed radish leaves, blend them with the olive oil and season to taste.

Finally, add the pulp in the middle of the plate, add the chutney around and place the radishes on top. Add the zests and pour the juice around the plate.

David Alessandria - Head Chef

Chef AlessandriaWith his experience acquired in starred restaurants in Belgium and Luxembourg, and at the restaurants of two renowned Swiss institutes of luxury hospitality education (Ecole Hotelière in Lausanne, Glion in Montreux), Chef David Alessandria mixes his technical expertise and his passion for healthy cuisine which he believes is the future of gastronomy.

He was awarded in 2022 the prestigious title of MOF "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" or "Best craftsman in France".

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Clinique La Prairie Holistic Health x Mandarin Oriental London

Mandarin oriental London Building

Clinique La Prairie And Mandarin Oriental London Partner To Launch Exclusive ‘Holistic Health’ Regeneration Experiences


We are glad to announce that we are partnering with Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park to offer unique Regeneration experiences designed with Holistic Health nutraceuticals to create a shift in the balance of an individual’s wellbeing. This is the first time we created signature experiences outside of our clinic and international hubs, and the first time our treatments will be available in the UK. Clinique La Prairie’s range of Holistic Health supplements – Age Defy, Purity, Balance and Energy – will also be available to be purchased at The Spa.

Mandarin Oriental massage

Two expert-led and luxurious Regeneration programmes will be available at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London that will take guests on personalised paths to recover from everyday life stressors that can physically drain them, impair their ability to stay strong, and diminish the vitality of skin. Targeting antioxidation, anti-inflammation and cell regeneration, the three levels of each Regeneration experience draw upon science and promise to answer the needs of the most discerning clientele.

Unique Experiences

The three-hour “Regenerating Ritual” has been co-created by wellbeing experts at both CLP and Mandarin and contains signature treatments from both companies that complement each other. It includes Clinique La Prairie’s signature healthy mocktail which is enjoyed alongside an expert nutritional consultation and a True Skin Age Consultation. Guests are then treated to a relaxing Anti-Ageing Facial and an Intelligent Movement Treatment. As part of the programme, they will receive a 2-month supply of Age-Defy Holistic Health supplements - Clinique La Prairie’s signature blend - a gift bag and have a follow up virtual session with a nutritionist to help foster a healthy practices at home.

We are honoured to be partnering with Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London for this premiere in offering guests our cutting-edge approach to pioneering wellness that integrates Holistic Health supplements. Together, our teams have combined expert knowledge and top-tier luxury to ensure exceptional experiences at the highest standards to deliver tailor-made guides to overhaul one’s lifestyle. - Simone Gibertoni, CEO of Clinique La Prairie

Holistic Health

The one-hour “CLP Longevity Nutritional Consultation” is designed to build a detailed picture of the guest’s lifestyle. The session will include three phases: a deep nutritional assessment, a bespoke diet plan and expert recommendation about longevity-focused Holistic Health supplementation to support the body and metabolic uniqueness to its fullest potential. Each individual will get a unique roadmap, set to support a long-term journey.

We are delighted to be the first hotel spa to develop a wellness relationship with Clinique La Prairie in London and thrilled to be able to integrate  their class leading expertise into our Spa and Wellness offering providing transformational experiences for our guests. - Jamie Pagan, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park London's Senior Director of Spa & Wellness

For bookings, please call +44 (0) 207 201 3808 or email

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London

66 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LA, United Kingdom

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