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Amaala Health Resort

Announcing Clinique La Prairie Health Resort Amaala

Clinique La Prairie Amaala will be located on Saudi Arabia’s north-western coastline, and will be an exclusive resort of 36,115 sqm, housing 52 rooms and suites, and 13 villas. Extraordinary settings and exceptional architecture await in 2024.

Longevity Science Report II-Cover

Longevity Science Report II

"We are proud to respond to our role of pioneers in rejuvenation and longevity science. The challenge of Clinique La Prairie and its Scientific Committee is to bring the latest technology and research together with our already existing scientific background and holistic approach of longevity and rejuvenation. We can count on a great ambition to continue pioneering in the understanding and in the search for solutions in longevity." – Dr. Heini, Medical Director of Clinique la Prairie

We are pleased to share the second issue of our Longevity Science Report series in which our scientific committee and experts share articles.


Unlock Longevity Talks

Clinique La Prairie has created the “Unlock Longevity" talks to preserve and spread the skills and knowledge acquired over 90 years’ experience and strengthens its connection to the future of wellness.

Longevity Science Report Cover

Longevity Science Report I

There are many things that we need for a long and healthy life. For over 20 years, our scientific committee has been collaborating with international experts and clinicians in the fields of research medicine and biosciences, contributing to our unique approach for Predictive and Precision Medicine.

We are pleased to share the first issue of our new series of Longevity Science Report in which our scientific committee and experts will regularly share articles. We hope you will enjoy reading about some latest advance in developing predictive tools for optimal aging, wellbeing and longevity, based upon behavioral, environmental, medical and (epi)genetic factors.

PINK OCTOBER - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

PINK OCTOBER - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Since the 90's, Pink October is celebrated each october around the world to raise awareness about breast health and the importance of screening for the early diagnosis of breast cancer, which became the most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide.

This year, one of our medical expert, Dr Karin Dubrit, Specialist in gynaecology-obstetrics & micronutrition at our Gynecology and Obstetrics Center, tells you more on the importance of prevention and self-assessment.

Healthy weight

Introducing our new Healthy Weight program

Two weeks to aim for an optimal weight in a healthy, progressive and balanced way, under strict medical and nutritional supervision, taking into account body, metabolism and mind.

To rediscover vitality and the pleasure of living at an optimal weight, we have developed an approach that focuses on your genetic profile, restoring your physical and mental fitness, and stabilizing your metabolism, with lasting results adapted to your personal profile.


About genetics testing and precision medicine

Knowledge and understanding of the human genetics have tremendously increased over the last 30 years, notably due to the technology developments such as diverse genetic arrays and next generation sequencing. The elucidation of the human genome allowed subsequently to sequence the genome of a big number of individuals and diverse human ethnicities, to compare them among each other, to establish a haplotype map of the human genome and, to identify sequences that are related to a disease development.

Eight trends shaping the Future of Health

Eight trends shaping the Future of Health

Health and wellbeing have advanced significantly over the past 90 years since Clinique La Prairie first opened its doors. Science has always been part of our institution, through its Medical Specialists and a Scientific Committee who have been contributing to develop the clinic’s leading expertise and to design the best health programs

To mark our 90th milestone, we are pleased to introduce report into future health and wellness trends, based on insights from a team of internal and external experts in various fields of medicine and biosciences, combined with a consumer research survey.

The report reveals what we think are the eight key trends for health and wellness that push the boundaries of medicine and science more than ever before.