Partner 1
At the forefront of precision medicine, the Swiss company Gene Predictis joins forces with Clinique La Prairie to develop specific and unique genetic tests to establish predictive diagnosis, paving the way to highly personalized medical programs.




Partner 2

Swiss Perfection, a result oriented high tech nice cosmetics brand stands out through its unique cellular and technological expertise and is used for all treatments at the Clinique La Prairie. Swiss Perfection is the first brand to apply the cellular extraction technology of a vegetal active cell to cosmetics.

Partner 3

LunaJets, World-class private jet service partners with us. Combining innovative technology and the highest standards of personalised services, LunaJets can charter a private jet to fly you to either airport to Montreux, or organize any private jet flight for you, from business flights to weekend getaways, from urgent last minute flights to long haul transatlantic flights.



Traveller Made

Partner 3

Traveller Made® is a network of luxury travel designers dedicated to providing unique and exclusive bespoke journeys to travellers looking for different and original experiences, requiring skilled and knowledgeable advisors who are committed to fully servicing their clients.