CLP Lifescience Committee

Clinique La Prairie is regarded as a leading destination for people seeking improved health and longer lives through the result of nine decades of scientific research and clinical experience.

Science has been part and parcel of Clinique La Prairie since its inception. Its foundations are based on the work of Dr Paul Niehans, a pioneer in cell therapy, followed by that of a team of internationally renowned scientists who have contributed to the research with a special focus on the Revitalisation program. For over 20 years, Prof. Ernst Theodor Rietschel, has been heading Clinique La Prairie’s scientific committee, collaborating with international experts and clinicians in the fields of research medicine and biosciences.

The international Scientific Advisory Board is composed of the most expert researchers and clinicians, as well as advisers among the finest in their respective fields. Their research has contributed to developing refined and purified formula containing only biologically active substances for the CLP Extract, the essential element administered nowadays orally under the Revitalisation program at the clinic. The proprietary CLP Extract is only available at Clinique La Prairie in Montreux.

Our scientific research. now includes the fields of lifescience, drawing upon a team of specialists in various fields related to medicine, nutrition, biochemistry, immunology, genetics, pharmacology and, more recently, nutrigenomics. The areas of interest focus in particular on innovative nutraceuticals, genetics, epigenetics and immunostimulatory therapy. Several products have recently been launched at Clinique La Prairie to optimize nutritional support, and research projects continue in an effort to determine how these innovations can be used to promote longevity and to contribute to diverse prevention therapies.

The secret of Revitalisation

PROF. DR. H.C. MULT. Ernst Theodor Rietschel - Head of scientific team


RietschelProf. Rietschel has supported the scientific research of CLP for over 20 years. For his work he was awarded a number of honors including the "Ordre pour le Merite" from the Republic of France, the First Class Federal Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Japanese order of the Rising Sun (Golden Rays) with Neck Ribbon.


Dr. Cohen Armand (Longevity)

Dr ArmandDr. Armand has served for many years as the Director of the Geriatric Department at the Ministry of Health in Israel. He has Created the “Hospital at Home” in Israel which allows patients to be hospitalized while remaining at home for certain chronic or long term hospitalizations. He is also one of the founding investigators into the longest running large scale longitudinal study on elderly in Israel. 


Prof. Draganski Bogdan (Neuroscientist)

DraganskiAssociate professor Bogdan Draganski, native Bulgarian, is Consultant in Neurology at the Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland, Director of the neuroimaging laboratory LREN. After qualifying in Clinical Neurology in Germany he spent time working on computational anatomy research in neurodegenerative and movement disorders at the Institute of Neurology, UCL London, UK followed by research at the Max-Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig Germany. 


Dr. Folli Silvio (Cellular Genomics and Longevity)

S. FolliDr S. Folli taught during eight years at the Institute of Sports Sciences and Physical Education (ISSEP) at the University of Lausanne. He has also been involved in continuing trainings and has given numerous conferences in this field. He still teaches at the Health and Sport Center (CASS) of the University and of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne and at the Federal Sports School (EFSM) in Macolin. In addition, since 1996, Dr S. Folli has been a delegate for the Swiss Olympic Association (A.O.S.) for nutritional analyzes, advice and supplementation for elite athletes.


Dr. Gonseth Nussle Semira (Epigenetics & Preventive medicine)

Semira NussleSemira Gonseth Nusslé is a medical doctor specialized in prevention and researcher in epigenetic epidemiology. She is an executive at the University center for general medicine and public health in Lausanne (Unisanté), co-investigator of the Swiss Health Study and the Covid-19 Seroprevalence study. Prior to this position, she studied the epigenetics of cancer in UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco where she developed the idea of an epigenetic testing company in the UC Berkeley incubator Skydeck. She came back to Switzerland and started her company in the Swiss Health Valley ecosystem, which she manages part-time while doing research at Unisanté.

Mr. Nussle Sebastien (Epigenetics & Biostatistics)

Sébastien NussléSébastien Nusslé is a biostatistician specialized in genetic-environment relationships. Co-author of over 40 scientific publications, he was a researcher in the universities of Lausanne, Bern and UC Berkeley before starting his epigenetic company with his wife. His management and entrepreneurial experience include the direction of the Swiss FIsheries Advisory office, the management of the aquatic division of an environment consultancy firm and the foundation of both a consulting firm in environmental statistics and an epigenetic testing company.

Prof. Pichard Claude (Nutritionist)

Prof PichardProf. Pichard was Professor of nutrition at the Geneva University Hospital, Switzerland.  He was involved in patients care, basic and clinical research (>380 references in Pubmed), and teaching (> 570 international lectures). He was the President, then the Chairman of the European Society of Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism (ESPEN) until 2006, the Director of the ESPEN Life-Long Learning (LLL) educational programme until 2012. He is currently active in 11 academic societies in- and outside Europe, is the Founder (2005) and past Chairman of the European Nutrition for Health Alliance. 


Mrs. Tanackovic Goranka (Genetics)

Mme TanackovicGoranka Tanackovic Abbas-Terki was trained as a scientist and holds PhD degrees from the University of Zagreb and University of Geneva. In parallel with her PhD studies, she successfully completed an entrepreneurship program at Babson College, Wellesley, USA. Since 2011, she is the CEO of Gene Predictis, a pioneering Swiss company specialized in precision medicine offering innovative diagnostic tools based on genetics that allow tailored treatments for patients.