The four-pillar philosophy of Clinique La Prairie

By Simone Gibertoni, , CEO of Clinique La Prairie.

Every Clinique La Prairie program since 2016 has been based on a holistic approach that incorporates four key ‘pillars’ for longevity: medical care, nutrition, movement and wellbeing. For nearly 90 years, Clinique la Prairie has studied the mechanisms of ageing, developing programs and technologies that, as our mission statement says, "help people live a better, healthier and longer life."


This philosophy goes back to 1931, the year the clinic was founded. However, in 2016, it evolved when Clinique La Prairie’s management and a team of renowned scientists who, together, have formed the clinic’s scientific committee for over a decade, added a crucial new element: integrating therapies and technologies developed during our 90-year history into a more holistic approach.

We called this approach the Four Pillars Philosophy. These four pillars are medical care, nutrition, movement and wellbeing. It’s a combination that allows us to continually provide and share the best medical and nutritional technologies, the best movement strategies, our expertise in alternative therapies, and the very latest discoveries in the field of stress reduction and mental serenity.

The essence of our philosophy and the science behind it


For the last four years, we’ve integrated some of the most sophisticated genetic tests on Earth into our longevity and detox programs, alongside our partner Gene Predictis. A precise analysis of a client’s genetic profile means that we can develop a highly personalized plan for each individual, customized according to the objectives of the treatment and the needs of the client.

While genetics are essential, we also know the importance of epigenetics: how much gene expression (the process by which the instructions in our DNA are converted into a functional product, such as a protein) is influenced by our external environment and lifestyle.

Diet, physical activity and stress, for example, all have a huge influence on gene expression. Even twins with the same genes can develop very different pathologies depending on their lifestyle and the environment in which they grow up. This made it necessary for us to put in place a complete and clear structure for all Clinique La Prairie therapies in the medical, nutritional, movement, alternative therapy, stress reduction and sleep fields (to name but a few). Each of these therapies is finely honed into a very specific and proven process.

At our pioneering clinic in Montreux, our experts provide each client with a clear and energizing plan to achieve life-changing results. We want them to maintain a healthy routine and therefore reap the benefits beyond the clinic’s doors. Long-term results are achieved by using our health and wellbeing technologies and by following the ongoing advice we provide. Also, now that Clinique La Prairie is expanding internationally, guests will also be able to continue their health journey with us by attending our longevity centers around the world.

Let me explain those four pillars a little further.

The first is ‘medical insight and care’.

Stem Cells

This is a treasure chest of knowledge containing the know-how of more than 50 doctors who work at Clinique La Prairie and years of research by world-leading scientists.

This knowledge is focused on improving the immune system and reducing inflammation (senoinflammation), recognized today as the main cause of disease-development and ageing. An inflamed cellular environment leads to several issues relating to circadian rhythms, hormone secretion, mitochondrial dysfunction, DNA instability, and the inactivation and depletion of stem cells.

Inflammation also leads to the development of harmful senescent cells. Senescent - which literally means being or becoming old - cells are cells which have stopped dividing. They can contaminate normal cells, including immune and stem cells, transforming them into newly senescent cells and triggering a cycle of ageing. By inactivating stem cells, for example, they ultimately promote and progress chronic diseases.

We use only proven science in our continuous search for the best medical methods to battle these effects.

The second pillar is ‘nutrition’


As we all know, diet is vital to our health and wellbeing. We are what we eat. This pillar sees us make nutritional changes that can prevent or hinder the age-associated functional decline of cells, decrease cellular oxidative damage, improve microbiota in the gut, support a healthy immune system and improve metabolic flexibility. In short, make body’s function better and age slower.

Our team of nutritionists and doctors constantly improve the food we give and teach to our clients, studying how they influence and improve genetic expression. Indeed, we’ve spent years developing a complete nutritional process, which is based on four steps: CLP Integrative Procedure®; CLP Neutralization process®; CLP Rebalancing Process® and CLP Educational & Coaching Process®.

The third pillar is ‘movement’

sport 6

Inflammation, as mentioned before, is now seen as the main cause of disease-development and ageing. Our own unique ‘movement philosophy’ is a scientifically-proven process developed by our coaches. We create and introduce physical routines that aim to avoid the accumulation of body fat that causes inflammation, as well as to avoid or arrest the age-related muscle loss. On top of this, the routines will achieve better mobility and flexibility, which has multiple wellbeing benefits.

Finally, the fourth pillar is ‘wellbeing’


People have long said “healthy body, healthy mind” but this adage can be flipped. Our mental wellbeing is intrinsically linked to our physical health.

The fundamental goal of this pillar is to reduce stress through techniques such as transcendental meditation, which has proven cardiovascular and ageing benefits and is effective in protecting telomeres: the caps at the end of each DNA strand that protect our chromosomes. Shortened telomeres have been linked with disease.

Many sophisticated therapies are available. New experiences are developed continually within our medical spa. Combined with the best technologies available today, they provide guests with highly effective and enjoyable wellbeing programs

To summarise, our four-pillar philosophy uniquely combines the best scientifically-proven technologies and techniques, many of which are exclusive to Clinique La Prairie, to provide lasting benefits.

Medically speaking, this synergistic approach activates a balanced gene expression which then provides instructions to produce proteins associated with longevity, rather than those related to senescence. It slows the ageing process and possibly much more.

Ultimately, this expert approach allows guests to stay healthy, live longer and live life to its fullest, thanks to programs that fulfill every physical, psychological and emotional need. It’s an exclusive experience that helps you step into a different future.